Weekly Schedule

We play great a cappella around the clock, but we also have some great weekly shows – here’s when you can catch them!

Monday at 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific – Competition Countdown
Tuesday at 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific – The Spotlight
Wednesday at 7pm Eastern/4pm Pacific – A Cappellas Anonymous – Live!
Thursday at 7pm Eastern/4pm Pacific – Theme Hour
Thursday at 8pm Eastern/5pm Pacific – Requests and Dedications Hour

Rebroadcast Saturday!
If you can’t hear our programs at their regular day or time, catch up on the weekend. We’ve got times for our international listeners, too!
3am Eastern/12mid Pacific – Competition Countdown
4am Eastern/1am Pacific – Theme Hour
5am Eastern/2am Pacific – Requests and Dedications Hour
6am Eastern/3am Pacific – The Spotlight
7am Eastern/4am Pacific – A Cappellas Anonymous

3pm Eastern/12noon Pacific – Competition Countdown
4pm Eastern/1pm Pacific – Theme Hour
5pm Eastern/2pm Pacific – Requests and Dedications Hour
6pm Eastern/3pm Pacific – The Spotlight
7pm Eastern/4pm Pacific – A Cappellas Anonymous

Upcoming Shows

Be sure to check out Competition Countdown and The Spotlight for more details on the shows and a history of the groups we’ve featured!

Competition Countdown The Spotlight
Mon Mar 2
9pm EST/6pm PST
Tue Mar 3
9pm EST/6pm PST
Carnegie Mellon University | The Originals
The High School of Saint Thomas More | Note Nerdy
La Plata High School | Unplugged
Lincoln Sudbury Regional High School | Accent A Cappella
T.S. Wootton High School | Acabellas
T.S. Wootton High School | Chaos
T.S. Wootton High School | Straight from Vinyl
T.S. Wootton High School | Supertonics
T.S. Wootton High School | (director interview)
The Wheeler School | The 18 Wheelers
Everyday People
Midnight Jazz
Mon Mar 9
9pm EST/6pm PST
Tue Mar 10
9pm EST/6pm PST
Charleston High School | Maximum Forte
Gale-Ettick-Trempealeau | Vocal Point
Port Clinton High School | Touch of Class
Warrenton High School | Pitch the Keys
University of Wisconsin – Madison | Fundamentally Sound


Competition Countdown reairs Saturdays at 3am EST/midnight PST and 3pm EST/noon PST; The Spotlight reairs Saturdays at 6am EST/3am PST and 6pm EST/3pm PST.

Make a Request or Dedication Online!

Take a look up on the Listen bar above, and you’ll see some new things!

First, you can now link directly to our TuneIn station, if you like to listen to radio and other programs there. You can make us a favorite!

Even more exciting, though: You can request or dedicate a song right on the website! Search for a song in the library, select it, and we’ll play it during our request hour. You can even upload a personal dedication that we’ll play on the air before the song, or you can type out a dedication that we’ll read on the air.

Give it a whirl – click that Request/Dedicate a Song link up there now!

New Volunteer Openings!

Psst! Hey, you! Yeah, you!

We’re on the lookout for some volunteers to help grow the station. We’ve got several great opportunities open right now, including:

  • Dee Jay
  • Facebook Mayor
  • News Producer
  • Series Producer

Something there sound interesting? Read more about it, then send us a note!

We’ve Got An App!

Acaville is now available on the go with our new app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch!

Take a look at our recent play history, set an aca-alarm, or just kick back and listen. It’s all possible in the free Acaville app.

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